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This website presents photos of a small fraction of the mineral specimens currently available for sale or trade from the large collection I've amassed over the past 65+ years; there is also a fair amount of information (hopefully useful!) to help the beginner get started in the hobby.  The site specialties (and mine, of course) are  top-quality fluorescents (here's a link to my own display) from both Franklin and other worldwide locations, and white-light display specimens from many classic sites, including the Elmwood Mine (my favorite).   Currently, specimens are offered for sale or trade on this website and sporadically on eBay;  you can view any current "tigerowner" mineral offerings on eBay by going to tigerowner-on-eBay  ("tigerowner" is my eBay handle). 

TRADES can be arranged via email - I am primarily interested in aesthetic crystalline specimens (cabinet-size and larger); the aesthetics are more important to me than either perfection or rarity.   I am also interested in unusual multicolor cabinet or larger fluorescents, but as I am trying to reduce the size of my collection, would prefer to trade one-for-one or many-for-one (as opposed to one-for-many).   The purchase prices shown on the website are my best guess at the fair retail value of the specimens, and as such can be considered a guide in thinking about what I might consider a "fair trade". 

As for PURCHASES, I have significant flexibility in the pricing of many specimens, but little flexibility on others - I don't like paying a lot for a specimen and letting it go for a little (as I assume you wouldn't either).   So if you have an interest in a specific specimen and would like to make an offer on it, please feel free!   Please remember that  I have no flexibility on the pricing of the specimens listed on eBay, except those listed with the "best offer" option (most have this option).....   Purchases from both eBay and this website can be combined to save on shipping costs, and I have a free shipping offer which applies to all  multiple specimen purchases from this website, as well as multiple 'buy-it-now' purchases from eBay; many single specimen purchases from this website qualify for free shipping as well. 

Just GETTING STARTED in the hobby?  I have several pages of information for folks just getting started in the fluorescent minerals hobby  (Links and Tech. info).   I prepared this material myself, and have researched it carefully, but I hereby apologize in advance for any errors or omissions.  Just because you see something in print doesn't mean you should assume it's flawless!  Also, some of the information presented is just opinion (mine), not fact,  and you should treat it as such....

Please use my email below to inquire about any  specimens in the photo galleries, or about particular specimen types you're seeking (they may still be in my basement!).  I am happy to answer any questions, and I love talking rocks!  Purchases and trades may also be arranged via email (ask for extra pictures of any specimen in which you are interested - there are many available).  Thanks for visiting my site, and good luck in tracking down the right specimens to add to your collection!

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