(Last update 11/22/2021)

My own (hopefully useful) Links:

If you are just getting started in the fluorescent minerals hobby, these links (I have published some of this material in eBay guides) may be helpful:

Getting started in mineral collecting:

Buying minerals on the internet:

Why do the rocks glow?

About ultraviolet lamps:

A word of caution:

And a few others I like to visit:

If you are interested in finding a local club, this updated link may help:

U.S. Mineral Club list

For general information on fluorescent (and other) minerals, these sites may help:

Nature's Rainbows (a new non-commercial site for fluorescent mineral collectors - very cool!)

Fluorescent Mineral Society (an active organization for anyone interested in fluorescent minerals)

Mindat (an incredibly useful site with great info and pictures on all minerals)

Mineralogical Society of America

U.S. Geological Survey

And finally, here's a link to information on the only U.V. lamps I personally use (except for those I've built myself!)...

Bill Gardner's 'Way-Too-Cool' Lamps



Jim Simpson (tigerowner@gmail.com)


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